Portfolio Corner

By Nathan Shaw
Digital Media
Introduction web platforms
Web Design Studio
Graphic Design
Welcome to my Digital Media homepage. This will be the place where I shall archive and show all of my digital media projects, based on each module.
I currently live in Bristol and have done so for the past four years, after I moved here from Bude in North Cornwall. I attend the University of the West of England, Bristol.
I am 23 years old and have enjoyed spending the majority of my years growing up with the beach on my doorstep. But for the last four years I have enjoyed the contrast of city life. The availability and frequency of activities every day and night regardless of your interests was a massive selling point when choosing a city to live and study in.
My interests include playing the guitar and keyboard whilst also learning about the technical production side of music.
I also enjoy many sports and currently partake in the weekly kickboxing and muay thai training on campus. Over the next three years I aim to develop most of my skills and gain a skill set which will enable me to start with an idea and work from a blank canvas, finishing with a beautifully creative design, project, app or site.